Remembrance Week 2015

On December 21, 1988, 270 lives were taken in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Among the victims were 35 Syracuse University students returning from studying abroad in London.

I’ve had the privilege to look through many of them Pan Am 103 archives that include journals, photos, memorabilia, and this edition of the Syracuse Record, SU’s former official newspaper, pictured below. 

In reading through this edition of the Syracuse Record, dated January 17, 1987, I became overwhelmed with emotion. 

These 35 students were just like me and the friends I surround myself with every day – excited to study at Syracuse University and to travel the world, involved in friendship and relationship struggles, and eager to build a successful future after graduation. 

To name a few, Theodora (Theo) E. Cohen was an excellent dancer, singer and actress, known in her hometown for her leading roles in Grease and The Diary of Anne Frank. Steven R. Berrell was a brother of Phi Delta Theta fraternity who did on-the-air reporting for WJPZ-FM. 

Julianne Kelly, like me, was a dual major in political science and communications and spoke of becoming a lawyer. Karen Lee Hunt spent most of her time writing poetry and hoped to someday write for a magazine. Stephen J. Boland had recently been elected vice president of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and worked hard to achieve everything he could as an advertising major. 

These 35 students were dreamers, achievers, risk takers, and leaders. 

I’m proud to support the Remembrance Scholars in their effort to educate the campus community and to honor and remember all 270 lost in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

I’m proud to attend a university that carries out their legacies and provides comfort in the memories of their beautiful and too-soon taken lives. 

During this Remembrance Week, and always, remember to look back and act forward in memory and in hope to those who were and those who will be. #SURemembrance15

Cassie DagostinoComment